Sunday, 16 March 2014


Watched The Return movie a couple of days ago for the second time, I realised, why it is one of my favourite movies ever. It is about father's role in one's life, mainly boys.  The father in the movie looks emotionless in an emphatic captivating way but supportive in depth, like you were. In the movie when he leaves the youngest child it reminds me of you when I was a kid and you hid somewhere and watched my reactions when I found my self lost . he gives them vodka like you did we went to a friends house who had two beautiful daughters. You gave it to me and you said after this you'd find it easier to chat up. He teaches them how to use branches to get their car out of  the sands. He teaches them how to waterproof an old boat. Like you taught me how to be creative and how to fix things. For me whole movie was like a journey to my memories.