Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Leaving in a poor country means dealing with beggars everyday and being doubtful where your money's gonna go, whenever you pay. Today I was walking in the university, saw a happy and energetic person in Silvester -the cat- costume beging for money.
It crossed my mind that in a capitalist country even poor people employ charities to go and beg for them. the system just suppresses the sad face of being poor. You just see everyone is happy the one who is beging, yourself who pay a little money and think you have changed the world and the charity which makes money out of it.
But you dont see the reality, you dont think where the money goes because you look at it in a way that there is a system behind that which does not let the money go to waste.

Capitalism is beautiful. You've paid to some people who know how to represent.

Monday, 15 October 2012


Immigrant: He do that.
Audience : That's wrong
Immigrant: He does that

Native: He do that
Audience: That's wrong
Native: fuck off I like to say that. It's my language.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012


-سیا میشه من لپ تاپت رو استفاده کنم؟ میخوام با یکی از دوستام اسکایپ کنم ولی کامپیوترم جواب نمیده. نمیدونم چرا همیشه کار میکردا ولی نمیدونم چی شده که الان جواب نمیده
-- معلومِ که میشه
لپ تاپ رو بر میداره و میره تو اتاقش. یه یک ساعتی با دوستش اسکایپ میکنه. لپ تاپ رو میاره که پس بده.

- خیلی ممنون. خیلی باحال بود. اولین بار بود که تو زندگیم اسکایپ میکردم!!!!!!