Friday, 15 February 2013

Still you can hear it

I log in to my Facebook. it is Valentine day. There is a picture of a sofa full of heart on my new feed from my cousine.
He is looking at the computer cause I am gonna show him a photo.
This is a Valentine picture for a Mum. He says it with a smirk as We've been making fun of people who buy stuff like love pill or heart cushion for Valentine.
No this one is different her mum's gonna die in a month or two. I remark, without even turning to see him to not make him feel bad.
It is one of the moments you realise what awkward silent means. I genuinely hear him saying SHIT without even him saying it. Like the time one TV programs, they put beep on someone's voice when he says fuck or mute it for a sec. Still you can hear it.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

sexist language

In this country when a miss comes to the power
all she does is misleading
all she understands is misunderstanding
and your fortune becomes misfortune.
Then you realize you missed the previous ones.