Monday, 30 September 2013

Retail makes you hate people*

I was working in away-stand at Amex stadium in Brighton. The away team was Millwall, notorious for its hooligan fans. I was working at a till when a group of five lads came to me and asked for beer. Until it got ready one of them started chatting, asked if I was from Brighton. I said yes, made a big mistake. Are you gay mate? he asked. No I'm not, I answered.
-come on You're gay.
--No I'm not.
-How many dicks have you had in your ass. five? he insisted, the peculiarity was so high that all of my co-workers turned their face and avoided to get engaged.
I wanted to say including your head? Unfortunately He was a customer and customer is always right. So a grin loomed up on my face and I became happy-go-lucky. way more than that mate, I answered.
I gave them their order. They didn't leave though.
-how many?
--I told you, more than you Imagine. My blood was boiling but my face was happy.
he kept going on about it and I was insisting that I'd had more than even he could imagine.
-Oh, you are a bender mate. he said.- He changed his mind but I didn't-
--Nah mate, I am a taker, I told you.
They left.

 Today I read this: The Hope of being relieved gives him the courage to suffer

* My friend once said

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