Wednesday, 23 October 2013


About a month ago a french guy, F, moved in to our house. we'd had a rule that no one can smoke while C who doesn't smoke, is eating. F said he hates smoking inside and this was the beginning of the story of us smokers, losing the battle and had to go out. In other hands apparently non smokers don't mind the smell of spliff. So now the rule is to smoke spliff inside and cigarets outside. You cannot imagine how much I hate smoking outside when it is not warm.

Two weeks ago an italian guy came to our house and stayed till he'd find a place. His english is not great and after 2 years I found someone whose english is worse than me. I've tried to compensate the amount of talk I haven't had. I talk with him hours every night.
Today he said: You eat more than you speak!!!!!

You will make my day if you give me any suggestions to make this writing better.